Why Alternative Connections

Alternative Connnections recognizes the uniqueness of children. We believe no two brains are alike. There are two distinct approaches that separate Alternative Connections from other diagnostic centers:

  • Christine has a unique gift to first identify the strengths in every person she meets. Often children and adults who have struggled academicaly hear for the first time how talented they really are. Through research based testing, Christine can find the hidden talent and identify ways to make those talents support goal setting.
  • Her second approach is to remediate the issues that cause the academic difficulties.

Alternative Connections team members take a holistic approach to treatment and support for the whole family as needed. Alternative Connections supports a wide range of services including:

  • Identifying skills and abilties through educational assessments
  • Remedial tutoring to bolster weakened processing
  • Alternative supports for attention/learning problems
  • Support for homeschooling
  • Training parents to help their children
  • Sharing research on nutrition and movement essential for learning
  • Sharing test taking strategies and suggestions for relaxation in test induced stressful situations
  • Providing advocacy for special education services
  • Supporting teacher conferences and consulting with teachers directly

This is quite differnt from the approach that works aimed at students to pass a test without remediating the deficit that is causing the problem and fostering independant learning strategies.

Overall, Alternative Connections team members see the child or adult learner as a complex individual whose academic struggles are the reflection of a complex interdependence between the strengths and weaknesses of the brain and the environment in which the individual lives.