Cognitive Educational Evaluation/Learning Disabilty Assessment

Alternative Connections provides diagnostic testing for children and adults of all ages. A Cognitive Education Evaluation may be initiated by the parent, individual or recommended by a school.

What can an evaluation do?

  • Can answer your questions about the learning problems that your or your child struggle on a daily basis in school, college or at work.
  • Can determine whether you need extra time to complete various work-related assignments or tests.
  • Will help identify specific cognitive problems and academic weaknesses that prevent you from achieving your goals at work or academic success in school.
  • Can determine your cognitive and academic strengths that you need to leverage to achieve success in school and get ahead at work.
  • Can determine your learning style and what type of instruction work best for the way you learn.
  • Various cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses that underlie learning problems, possible learning disability, or simply minor difficulty learning certain subjects.
  • Will determine whether you or your child qualify for extra time on tests, such as High School Entrance Exam, SAT, or GRE.
  • Can determine levels of cognitive ability and academic skills; help to select an appropriate school, academic placement, and need for support services.
  • Determine the best instructional techniques; and determine the need for tutoring, remediation, enrichment, or advanced courses.

A Cognitive Testing/Educational Evaluation Academic Assessment may consist of:

  • An in-depth interview with the child’s parents to understand their concerns
  • Comprehensive diagnostic testing to determine whether learning disabilities exist, what the disabilities are, and what other strengths a child may have that he or she can build on
  • An analysis of the child’s cognitive, academic and processing skills
  • Recommendations on the appropriate level and type of intervention and support that may be needed
  • A meeting with parents to discuss results and recommendations.
  • A written report sent to the home
  • A follow-up meeting with the school administrators, teachers, etc. if needed.

All evaluations are conducted by our professional staff of advanced education specialists who have worked extensively with thousands of children and their families.

For details on testing fees, specific questions about the testing, or to schedule a meeting, call our office at 302.475.1141.